Ted Hodge

Ted Hodge
CEO and Founder

My CCI Resources Story

After completing my Bachelor of Mathematics in Operations Research with a minor in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, I founded CCI Research with the vision of becoming a leader in providing actionable, evidence-based research solutions. While running and growing CCI Resources for over 25 years, I have successfully made CCI Resources a well-known and trusted source of specialized expertise.

What I bring to CCI Resources

As the CEO and Founder of CCI Resources I provide guidance and direction in all facets of the business including survey research methodology, operational procedures, and customer service. I have always believed in providing the highest quality services at a very reasonable price.

Major accomplishments

My major accomplishments include participation in many large Ontario-wide post-secondary provincial surveys since 1993 including student, graduate and employer surveys pertaining to Continuing Education, Full-time Post-secondary, Apprenticeship, and Private Career Colleges. I have successfully extended the business to other Canadian provinces, to other sectors and applications which make use of our skills and help meet client needs.