Sustainability Policy

CCI Research recognizes the importance of sustainable practices with the aim of reducing the environmental and social impacts of our operations.


Our approach to business operations incorporates the following principles:

  • To comply with all applicable legislation and regulatory codes
  • To take into account environmental and social impacts of business decisions in order to promote sustainable practices in our purchasing, transportation, and daily operations
  • To minimize carbon footprint and work towards energy conservation
  • To ensure that our employees are aware of our Sustainability Policy and have the support and resources available to implement sustainable practices


In order to achieve these principles and continue to move towards a sustainable workplace, we will:

Paper/Office Materials

  • Minimize the use of paper in the workplace and print double-sided when possible (all copiers are to be set as default to double-sided printing)
  • Promote electronic, paperless alternatives to our employees as well as our clients, including emails over traditional mail, PDF and electronic reports over physical copies
  • Purchase FSC Certified/and or recycled post-consumer paper
  • Recycle all paper when possible
  • Utilize recycling program of printer cartridge provider
  • Remove all personal printers


  • Strive to reduce our overall energy consumption
  • Consider the energy efficiency of products in our purchasing decisions, including purchasing Energy Star or eco-friendly electronic equipment
  • Turn off computers/other electronic equipment and lights at night where possible


  • Reduce the necessity of travel through the ability to remote in where possible
  • Encourage the use of GoToMeetings and video/phone conferencing in order to reduce travel for our employees or clients
  • Efficiently plan meetings with clients to avoid multiple meetings where possible thus reducing travel
  • Encourage the use of bicycle transportation where possible


  • Efficiently plan and purchase products in bulk where possible to minimize packaging and shipping
  • Purchase from locals suppliers where possible to limit transportation requirements

Office Culture and Meetings

  • Minimize waste during meetings with clients and other organized events by utilizing reusable or post-consumer recycled dishes and napkins as well as providing bulk condiments to reduce individual waste packaging
  • Strive for paperless meetings through the use of projectors and whiteboards
  • Promote the use of reusable water bottles and travel-mugs by our employees
  • Make use of a water station with reusable containers to limit waste
  • Ensure that employees understand Orangeville‚Äôs three-tiered waste disposal program and that the recycling, compost, and waste is being sorted appropriately
  • Use natural mulch and other natural products in our garden as well as compost all yard waste