Contact Centres
What kind of Contact Centre do you need?

CCI Resources provides contact centre services both for conducting telephone surveys for research purposes as well as offering services for companies looking to outsource or augment their customer contact centres. All of our contact centre services are 100% located in Canada.

Telephone Survey Research Centre

Based on our survey research expertise, CCI Resources operates a customized CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system within our professional Contact Centre. Our CATI system is fully supported by in-house programmers, and allows flexibility for all question types, simple or complex skip patterns, rotations, and calculated logic fields. Our Contact Centre services seamlessly integrate service in English and French as well as multiple other languages through interpretation services.

Our High Value Contact Centre (HVCC)

In addition to our telephone survey research services, we offer a team of highly professional Contact Centre personnel who are bilingual experts in creating superior customer relationships and support. This High Value Contact Centre (HVCC) service offers 24/7 capabilities. Our experienced HVCC team can take on more complex transactions than traditional contact centres, and specializes in delivering a higher level of customer satisfaction and first-call resolutions.

Our HVCC service developed to meet the demands of our clients in the education, automotive, healthcare, private business, and government sectors. Our team is comprised of professional and capable interviewers and agents who have been employed based on background checks, qualifications, training, and experience which meet high industry standards. Our dynamic and customer focused-approach to projects and clients creates a loyal workforce and has resulted in a low agent turnover. With expertise in research, business management, entrepreneurship, hospitality, retail, marketing, sales, credit and collections, our expertly trained HVCC team provides call center services with a difference.

The key to our success is partnership. We work with you from design and implementation to results, ensuring your satisfaction. Whether you are looking to implement a telephone survey or you require the types of services our HVCC team can provide to your customers, we are your contact centre partner. Our HVCC offers a variety of services that include:

  • Inbound and outbound customer service
  • Product & services inquiries
  • Registration & enrollment
  • Sales & customer support
  • Warranty claims/rebates
  • Telephone surveys

What We Offer To Our Business Customers

CCI Resources is a premier contact centre provider. We don’t just handle calls, but process the necessary leads and provide solutions to ensure customer satisfaction every time. We are your company’s customer relationship partner and we strive to build this partnership on an understanding of your company’s needs and practices. Not only will we provide you with the highest quality service cost effectively, but we do it while delivering high first call resolution, low overhead facility costs, and an experienced workforce with low turnover.

Our inbound and outbound services offer you a fully trained team that will work 24/7 to serve your customers. We provide effective customer solutions such as:

  • Email response
  • Live chat
  • Tailored knowledge bank for quick call resolution
  • Quality assurance to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Reporting and monitoring to identify & improve service levels

Not only can our Contact Centre provide a great customer service solution, but our over 25 years of expertise in research can offer you phone surveying with proven high response rates in short turnaround times to provide you with the information you need.

At CCI Resources, we become one with your brand. Our team of Contact Centre experts adapt to your values, learning your brand to ensure they can provide honest and reliable service to your customers. Our dedication leads to improved sales outcomes and customer satisfaction.

We incorporate a strategic mix of software and hardware to make up a reliable technology eco-system. Our system has been designed to have a high level of security and we utilize the state-of-the-art Newt Fibernetics Contact Centre system.

Our system benefits you in the following ways by allowing for:

  • Advanced system integration
  • Dynamic call resolution
  • Scalable capacity
  • Real-time feedback
  • Post-call functionality
  • Meaningful data
  • Custom reports