Shannon Howell

Shannon Howell
Sr. Research Consultant

My CCI Resources Story

I joined the CCI Resources team in 2002. Currently, as Director of Research, I oversee all staff and research projects at CCI Resources. I have extensive experience and expertise in designing research strategies and collecting and analyzing quantitative data. With respect to qualitative research projects, I have facilitated numerous focus groups and am proficient at developing and refining appropriate scripts. I am also a key contact for many of our clients which allows me to apply my consulting and analytical skills to ensure that CCI Resources meets and exceeds their expectations.

What I bring to CCI Resources

Throughout my years of graduate training and subsequent professional activity, I have written and edited many scientific reports for university faculty, hospital staff, committees, and other agencies. I obtained my Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Manitoba in 2002, where I worked as a researcher in cooperation with several faculty members to design research strategies and collect and analyze data for a broad range of research projects. I also held a number of research positions before joining the CCI Resources team which helped me refine my unique set of research and analytical skills.

A past accomplishment I am really proud of is:

I am most proud of my graduate education and my family, earning a doctorate while raising two wonderful children.

More about me:

I am originally from Winnipeg and moved to Ontario to escape the snow (it didn’t work). I enjoy travelling with friends and family, and someday hope to tour Europe.