CCI Research Inc. Acquires Entec Corporation Intellectual Property

Toronto, ON – CCI Research Inc. announced today that Entec Corporation, a leading provider of employee engagement and emotional wellness surveys and consulting has now joined CCI Research in their employee engagement services.

CCI Research Inc. has been conducting employee engagement surveys for over 25 years and is pleased to welcome Entec Corporation and its many years of employee engagement and wellness experience to the company. Entec Corporation is recognized for being on the cutting edge of measuring employee satisfaction, employee engagement, employee emotional well-being, and leadership. Entec has also been a pioneer in recognizing that employee performance is affected not only by how employees feel towards their company, managers, immediate work environment, and employee support of company values but also the significant impact of an employee’s emotional/psychological make up. Identifying this additional component, and the desire to view employee engagement from a holistic perspective, Michael assembled a team of experts in strategic management, leadership, organizational development, psychiatry, medicine, and behavioural psychology to develop a comprehensive diagnostic to measure employee engagement.

CCI Research Inc. is excited to bring Michael’s consulting expertise and Entec Corporations knowledge and analysis to our newly expanded employee engagement services.