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For each project, we work to bring quality and efficiency for total project success. This means paying attention to the details so that each project gets done right, within budget, and on time.

With over 20 full-time staff and more than 100 contract employees and associates, CCI Research is fully equipped to reliably deliver high-quality professional services in a cost-effective manner.

For each project, our team brings not only their expertise, but also their focused attention to the details to ensure the highest quality work.

Let our capable team help you manage all, or any part of your research project.

CCI Research offers the research expertise, consultation, and operational resources required for studies that provide meaningful insights to drive positive change in education, health, and business.

CCI Research offers a full range of quantitative and qualitative research services.

From project start-up and planning, through research design and survey development, to data collection and reporting, we apply best practices while custom tailoring each methodology to meet the specific demands of each project.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Research design

We know that the best outcomes start with the best plans . . .

CCI Research team of analysts and industry experts possess in-depth knowledge related to critical aspects of research theory, principles, and design.

We combine our expertise with identified information needs to create comprehensive research plans that identify research questions, methodologies, instruments for data collection, sampling methods, and selection of participants.

  • Survey development and review

To get the answers you need . . . ask the right questions . . .

CCI Research has extensive experience with respect to survey development, review, and form design.

We design instruments across many different topic areas using various survey questions and answer types. Our analysts are adept at refining each survey question to fulfill a specific purpose related to project objectives and ensure clarity in interpretation and response, as well as avoiding bias.

Our tools are designed to be of appropriate length and flow, even where complex logic is required, and we take special consideration when designing questions that may be viewed as sensitive or controversial in nature.

Careful attention is also given to survey introductions to ensure that all respondents accurately understand the nature and purpose of the survey in order to obtain informed and ongoing consent, and also to assist in maximizing response rates.

  • Data Collection – Single Approach and Combined Methodologies
    • Online/MobileFlexible, professional, economical, convenient, and secure online solutions . . .

      Our online and mobile surveys are designed and administered by our experienced programming staff who customize the look and feel of each instrument and ensure that all forms of simple and complex survey questions are appropriately displayed and responses are accurately captured.

    • Telephone Contact CentreProven experience managing high-quality telephone data collection . . .

      We operate a customized CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system which is fully supported by in-house programmers, and allows flexibility for all question types, simple or complex skip patterns, rotations, and calculated logic fields.

      Our Contact Centre services seamlessly integrate service in English and multiple other languages through interpretation services.

    • PaperSometimes it’s best to go back to basics . . .

      Our Paper Data Collection Department reliably fields hundreds of thousands of paper surveys each year using carefully-designed packaging, dispatching, receiving, scanning, data entry (manual and OMR), and quality control procedures.

      We offer bundling and packaging of paper surveys, mail-out surveys, and full end-to-end mailing services.

    • Focus Groups and InterviewsWe will lend you our ears . . .

      In addition to extensive quantitative methodologies, we conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews to gain rich understanding of a defined topic area.

      For qualitative studies, CCI Research prepares and implements recruitment strategies, structured and semi-structured interview questions, scripts, and extensive discussion guides, as well as all associated materials such as consent and other information-gathering forms.

  • Analysis and Reporting

Data collection is only the beginning . . . we go to the next level to transform your data into insightful and actionable reports.

CCI Resources provides descriptive statistics and analytical summaries in the form of easy-to-read graphical and tabular reports, interactive reports, dashboards, and via online proprietary reporting technology.

We also offer brief written executive summaries, in-depth written reports, and presentations which highlight key results, analytical outcomes, methodological issues, and other important findings.

For qualitative data, we provide summary interpretive analysis and/or coding of observations into quantifiable categories, as well as descriptive qualitative reports. We also conduct other categorical coding such as NOC coding of occupation descriptors and NAICS coding of business industry descriptors.