Employee Engagement
Do you know if your employees are engaged?

At CCI Resources, we want to help you create a workplace where your employees are fully engaged, enjoy coming into work each day, and work in alignment with your strategic goals in support of your organization’s overall success. With over 25 years of experience, our survey research processes have been well-developed to provide you with decision-making results and insightful analysis. Informative results from our employee engagement surveys provide us with the opportunity to work with you and your management team to implement action plans in your organization to increase employee engagement. In addition to building on identified strengths, this may include addressing matters related to leadership, improving aspects of the work environment, addressing employee health and wellness, and solving other concerns.

In order to provide progressive solutions, we begin with a well-designed instrument to obtain actionable data. Our surveys have been designed by a team of experts with backgrounds in leadership, organizational development, strategic management, human resource management, and psychiatry.

Our employee engagement surveys provide a wealth of information on factors which include employee satisfaction, commitment, motivation, wellness, and engagement. The survey services we offer are:

  • Online
  • Paper data collection/ scanning
  • Focus groups
  • In-person and Telephone Interviews

Each method of collecting information offers valuable data that can support continued success within your company as well as provide avenues for improvement. CCI Resources also offers customized survey methodologies to meet the needs of your company.

What We Can Do For Your Company

To support clear and widespread understanding of survey results, we provide overall and customized drill-down reports at various levels of the organization to facilitate positive change in all areas, and we create comprehensive presentations of results for HR survey team personnel, executive leadership, managers, supervisors, and other leaders, as well as all staff. Additionally, we can capture key findings and action plans in targeted dashboards or infographics for wide distribution and display of results which can be used for accountability and tracking purposes.

CCI Resources also provides consultations and customized implementation plans to allow your organization to support continued success and improvement resulting in increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

Online Surveying

CCI Resources has built a variety of in-house, online survey options that are designed to meet the needs of your employee engagement survey. Recently, we acquired Entec Corporation, a company focused on employee engagement and wellness, thereby expanding our expertise and tools in this specific application.

Our surveys are tailored to fit your organization’s culture and goals while ensuring privacy and anonymity. Online users can access our fully automated surveys on a secure, mobile-friendly site allowing them to feel comfortable and confident while providing important feedback for your organization.

Paper Data Collection

In addition to online services, CCI Resources provides paper data collection for circumstances in which this mode of administration is preferred or most suitable. We offer expertly designed paper forms, distribution, administration support, secure scanning, and data entry to accurately and efficiently capture employee data. Our team of professionals is available to administer the surveys onsite at your company locations and to present the survey findings to your employees and management team.

Focus Groups and Interviews

CCI Resources expertly facilitates focus groups and other types of post-survey interviews that can help to further identify the issues that are most important to your employees. These services provide additional tools to assist in understanding how your organization is able to contribute to the support of a healthy and productive team.

How Our Surveys Work

In order to gather information on employee satisfaction, commitment, motivation, wellness, and engagement, our surveys are driven by four important components of your company:

  • Job design
  • Organizational design
  • Mission and values
  • Leadership behaviours

Conveniently, our surveys are also designed with these four key points in mind in order to ask the right questions and deliver the proper insights you need to succeed. Each category provides valuable information to ensure the integrity of the research.

CCI Resources also offers you the opportunity to customize your employee engagement survey and reports to ensure that your results are focused on issues that matter to your company.